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Information regarding COVID-19.
We are operating as usual.
We are selling and providing the international shipping service every day.
However, kindly note that shipping may take longer than usual.
And some delivery options (especially EMS) are not available depending on the countries / areas.
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Home Conditions


Please read this first before place your orders.

Quality Inspections & Products Delivery

  1. .After your order has been successfully submitted, it will be reviewed in 24 hours on business days. Once the review is
    completed and the payment is clear, items will be purchased by
    Domestic deliveries in Japan takes about 2-5 business days.
  2. As receive your ordered items, a physical insepction will take place. Please be aware that we only inspect physical
    appearance of products that can be visually seen, such as colors, sizes, rips or stains, type/version numbers, etc.
    Our visual inspection does not guarantee the the quality of a product such as the efficiency or ability.
    For example, inspecting if a product is a brand-name product or not is based on its labl, tag and size, and no further inspection
    will be done). We are not responsible for any counterfeit or pirated goods and goods with non-visible damages.
    In addition, cannot confirm whether the ordered products violate the law of the country of origin, transit countries
    and destination country. We may remove or add babble wraps and cushioning materials as needed.
  3. cannot confirm the details that are beyond the product description written on the Mercari page.
    Electrical and digital products are specialty goods and professional inspections and technical knowlage may be required
    for them to properly function. will only inspect the exterior / surface of the item, completion of the accessories,
    and informtaion indicated on the labels attached (or printed) on the product itself or the outer boxes /packages.
    We CANNOT rip or break the seals and packages to open and turn it on, and see if it works properly.
    For the usage, professional and technical examnination may be required.
    Our visual inspections guarantee neither the quality of a product such as the authenticity or functions,
    nor the law requirements in order for the package to pass the custom inspection.
  4. Some customs are strict in package inspections. takes no responsibility even if the purchased items are being
    taxed based on the information such as the product name, total price or the quantity written on the waybill or the invoice
    used for the shipment. Packages delivered by couriers such as DHL and FedEx also may have certain chances to be taxed.
    Please check with your country's customs to find out what the additional cost would be, prior to your purchase.
    These charges are normally collected by the courier or at the office when you pick the item up
    - do not confuse, it is not us charging you additional shipping cost.

Cancellation and Return Policy

All products shipped are NO Returnable, NO Refundable.
All the ordered products cannot be cancelled after the payment was sent or the shipment was made.

Any product once purchased shall not be liable for refund or cancellation under any circumstances whatsoever. cannot return the purchased products to the seller on Mercari.

In case the shipping information provided by a customer is incorrect or incomplete , the package is to be returned to Japan.
Customers are responsible for any delay or loss of the packages due to their failing to provide the correct and complete
information. If the package needs to be sent again, it is customers' responsibility to cover the extra shipping cost.

We hope you enjoy your shopping on!
Thank you for your cooperation!

Prohibited Items for shipment

Any flammable compressed air spray items such as hair spray, gas canisters, anti-per spirants are strictly prohibited for
international shipment.

Any of these above items may cause the package rejected by the custom or shipping carriers.
Please ensure that not to include any of those items.

"" will not proceed with any shipments that contain prohibited items.

Please make sure to review the list of prohibited items for international shipment.

Besides the list of “Universal Restricted Items”, all countries and regions have their own specific regulations and legal provisions on package restrictions. Please contact your country’s custom for details.


All the forwarding conditions and any other conditions order shall be governed by and construed in accordance with
the laws of Japan. In the event that a claim arises against the forwarding conditions, it shall be subject to the jurisdiction
of the district court in which the forwarding company’s head office is located.