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$ 1 = JPY 132


"Kohkuya.jp" is an e-commerce platforms catering to overseas customers wishing to purchase products from Japan. We intend to set a new industry standard and further increase our global footprint. Our target is to satisfy every single customer using our platforms.

Simply provide us the products information, we will take care of the rest.

If you have any suggestions or expectations to "Kohkuya.jp", please do not hesitate to contact us (info@kohakuya.jp).

Our Service

Most of the Japanese online stores don’t accept foreign credit card or PayPal. We provide purchasing agent services to global users who are willing to buy Japanese products online, or have difficulty to understand Japanese.

Please note:

There is certain chance that the products are sold out before "Kohkuya.jp" place the order. In this case, we are happy to help you find the same or similar products on other online stores.

Please understand that “Kohakuya.jp” is not responsible for long-term product stock.

Privacy Policy and Information Protection

To protect your privacy is very important for us. We will try the best to keep your personal information safe. To ensure you have understand and know < Kohakuya.jp Users Privacy Policy> for us to provide you the best service, please spend little time and read the following terms to know how we deal with your personal information.

All customer’s information entered via Kohakuya.jp is confidential and states secrets to the Kohakuya.jp and customer itself only. Hayakawa Company Ltd. (Kohakuya.jp) will not sell, provide or exchange your information with any other business under any circumstance.

In general, you can visit our company online without telling us who you are or provide any of your any personal information. However, we or our partners may need information from you sometimes (such as the shipping address). You can choose under a variety of situations to provide us your personal information which you can offer. If you have requests, we can ask for permission each time before using it. You can know the usage of your information via newspaper, network or other ways by yourself. If you find out that your personal information has been used without your permission, you can contact us by phone or e-mail. We will investigate the origin of the problem and take protective measures to ensure the safety of your personal privacy.

Company Information

NameHayakawa CO.,LTD.
Head Office126, Higashiyashikicho, Nishinosho, Kissyoin, Minami-ku,
Kyoto, Japan
CEOOsamu Hayakawa



Main Bank

MUFG Bank, Ltd.




A/C Number:431-3381744