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From Japan to your country.

Exchange rate

$ 1 = JPY 132


Our service fees are calculated as the sum of products prices, agent fees and shipping cost.

Additional service fees may be applied on specific type of products.

  • Productprice
  • +
  • AgentFee
  • +
  • ShippingCost

Product Price

Product Price consists of the item price listed on the webpage + Domestic Shipping Costs

Most of the Japanese online store provides “Free Shipping” Service, however, if the domestic shipping cost is applied, customer is responsible for that shipping cost.

Service Agent Fees

The Service Agent Fee is the service fee we charged for purchasing products for you.

Please note, the international shipping costs is separated from the Agent Fees.

Product Price Agent Service Fees
Total Purchase is Under 10,000 JPY 1,500JPY / 15USD
Total Purchase is Above 10,001 JPY 15% of the Product Price
Shipping Handling Charge is FREE

User Guide

Simply provide the products infor. to us, we will take care of the rest!

1. Submit your shopping list
Send your shopping list to us.
2. Invoice
We will send you a proforma invoice with the products price, service agent fees and estimated shipping costs.
The invoice is only valid for 7 days. You order will be canceled automatically if the e-mail is not responded and the payment is not made after the invoice was sent out for 7 days.
3. Pay for Item(s)
SubmitPlease send your payment to our PayPal account at osamu@hayakawa-corp.co.jp within 7 days after your proforma invoice was sent.
You are also free to choose Bank Transfer of your total purchase is over $ 500.00 USD.
4. Process
We will process your orders asap after the payment is conformed and clear.
Your products will arrive at Kohakuya.jp warehouse shortly.
Generally, the Japanese domestic delivery duration is around 2-5 business days.
5. Quality Inspection and Storage
Your items will be inspected by our professional inspectors and stored in our warehouse up to X days
For more information on product quality inspection, please refer to “Quality Inspections & Products Delivery” at http://kohakuya.jp/conditions/
6. Prepare for Shipping
The inspection process will take approx. 1~2 business days to complete, after that, ordered products will be stored in our warehouse, prepare for shipment later.
We will send you a confirmation email with shipping costs included. Please confirm with us asap after you receive the e-mail. We will start to process your shipping immediately after the e-mail is confirmed.

Counterfeit Consumer Goods

We only inspect the physical appearance of the products such as color, size, type, large area of rips, stains, version number, etc. The visual inspection cannot guarantee the quality of the products, such as the efficiency, authenticity and defects etc. (for example, inspecting standard of brand name goods is based on the items label and tag on the size) Any counterfeit goods, pirated goods, or other errors are not within the scope of inspection. In addition, Kohakuya.jp cannot inspect whether the ordered products violate the law of the originating country, transit countries and destination county.


Electrical and digital products are special goods. The examination may require professional and technical knowledges of the products, and the inspection will be judged by product information or label printed on the boxes or outer package. Inspectors only check the item exterior, and completion of the accessories. Inspectors can NOT turn on the products to check the quality problem, open the package or break the seals.


Kohakuya.jp will not take any responsibility if the products cannot function properly or contains any technical problems.


For more information on product quality inspection, please refer to “Quality Inspections & Products Delivery” at http://kohakuya.jp/conditions/