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From Japan to your country.

Exchange rate

$ 1 = JPY 110


Our usage fee is consists from the product price, buying service fee and shipping fee.

According to the product you want to buy, you may need to pay additional service fee.

  • Productprice
  • +
  • Buyingservice fee
  • +
  • Shippingfee

Product price

Product Price is the price of the product.

We may also charge you a domestic shipping fee for the shipping of the item from our company store, if the item is applicable.

The Buying Service fee will charge to the domestic shipping fee.

Buying service fee

The Buying Service Fee is for purchasing the item on behalf from you.

For international forwarding, you have to pay a separate Shipping charge.

Product Price Buying Service Free
UNDER 10,000JPY 1,500JPY / 15USD
OVER 10,001JPY 15% of the product price
You don't need to pay handling charge for shipping.

Usage Guide

1. Apply for Buying Service
Send us an application and telling us which item(s) you wish to buy.
2. Buying Service Invoice
We will send you a proforma invoice for the 'Product Price', 'Buying Service Fee' and 'Shipping cost'.
* This estimation will only valid for 1 week. After one week, your order will be automatically canceled.
3. Payment
Submit your payment to "Kohakuya.jp" for the buying item by PayPal, Bank Transfer(MORE THAN USD 500.00).
4. "Kohakuya.jp" Buys Your Item(s)
We buy the item on behalf of you.
5. Domestic Delivery
The item will arrived at Kohakuya.jp's warehouse.
6. International Delivery
The item is delivered to your appoint address

Fake or imitation goods

Our inspection does not cover checking the authenticity of goods, and Kohakuya.jp does not take any liability for inspecting for fake or imitation goods.

Therefore, when buying the brand name goods, customer shall bear full responsibility for the item.

*When items (such as electronics or machines) do not function properly.

We do not test the items for functionality. Therefore, Kohakuya.jp does not have any liability of the items in case you find out the items you received have problems with function or other mechanical problems.