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$ 1 = JPY 110


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You can search for any items on any Japanese websites.

Please be aware that certain products may be prohibited in your country.

Please send us the Inquiry

If you find the item that you want, please send us your inquiry.

When you send us the inquiry, please enter the URL of the web site that had described the products.

Please read our conditions carefully before you submit an order of the items.

After you listed all the inquiry form, please send it to us.

We send you Invoice

After we receive your inquiry, we will send you proforma invoice including product price, buying fee and shipping cost.

In addition, the proforma invoice will expire in between 7 business days.

If you are satisfied our final price (product price + buying fee + shipping fee), Please reply to describe the acceptance of your purchase at the email.

And please make the payment by Bank Transfer, PayPal.

Once an application for use the Buying Service has been made, cancellation or changed is not accepted for any reason.

After remittance will be deemed to have accepted the cancellation clause.

We deliver your item(s) to you.

After we have purchased the item(s), we will deliver the item(s) to you.

So, please enjoy a comfortable shopping experience with us.